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BLK’s Fijian production facilities continue to overcome challenges

After providing an update last week regarding the status of our factory in Fiji, BLK can reveal further information in regard to the outstanding orders still to be processed.

With more boots on the ground in the Pacific, BLK has been working hard to complete outstanding orders while refining communication to give customers as many pathways as possible to ensure they get the answers they need.

The increased collaboration has been prominent throughout all levels of BLK.

Senior management are consistently briefing National Sales, State Managers, Customer Experience and Digital teams while our Global Distributors have direct communications lines to ensure answers are passed onto our customers with a speed beyond our normal operating standards.

Slowly but surely the many weeks of delay are being caught up, but unfortunately we are still far away from declaring “operation catch-up” a success.

Once orders have been processed and shipped BLK is giving clients real-time updates to further increase clarity.

Again, BLK offers sincere apologies to any of our partners or customers that continue to wait for our product.

Our customer service and social media teams are getting more accurate reports which is allowing us to pass on more detail to each and every customer all around the world.

This experience has touched all levels of our business and constant and thorough reviews are being undertaken to ensure that our response mechanisms exceed expectations.

From our user experience timeline through to the processes on the production floor, senior management have been working hard to learn from this experience and we are not shirking away from the simple fact – we still haven’t fulfilled many orders and 24-hour production cycles remain in place.

BLK knows that our performance has been well below what you expect and again offer our apologies and will continue to work with our customers to repair any damage that has been done.

We also appreciate that our sale cycles are frustrating those still waiting for finished product, as a business we are dealing with two fronts – continued catch up and the need to continue our day-to-day business.

However new orders won’t take preference, BLK’s major priority is to work through our critical lists and ensure those still waiting for product get it as soon as possible.

We thank you for your continued understanding and patience and look forward to turning this experience around for you with immediate priority.


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