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BLK Sport’s Fiji Factory now at full production

BLK Sport can now reveal that our main facility in Fiji is back at full production and our teams are working around the clock to meet all customer orders.

We are slowly working through our outstanding orders after productions lines were compromised with rolling blackouts and usual transport routes being closed.

On February 20th earlier this year Cyclone Winston, the strongest tropical cyclone in history to make landfall in the South Pacific, turned Fiji into a disaster zone.

Few locations were spared the wrath while tragically 44 people lost their lives.

The national state of emergency officially ended roughly two weeks ago and inclement weather – including gale force winds and flooding – has continued and as a consequence our company has been in catch up mode for the last two and a half months.

BLK Sport would like to offer unreserved apologies to any teams or players that have been affected as a consequence.

While the clean up continues around Fiji, BLK has numerous assets on the ground and has implemented 24-hour production cycles as we look to fulfil any and all outstanding orders.

BLK Sport takes pride in our personal touch and we know that our current timelines are far removed from our usual seals of excellence.

All of our customers are a priority and we must pass our thanks to all those who have offered their support and empathy over these draining two months.


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