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Introducing the TEK VI Range

Introducing the BLK TEK VI range

You might ask what is the TEK VI range?

Over two years ago, the production and design team of BLK Sport were relentlessly asking the same question.

Drawing on 13 years of experience, the intellectual property of nearly 30 professional teams and the input of over 4,000 clubs around the world, the genesis of TEK VI began.

What were we trying to achieve?

We wanted to make sure that TEK VI became the essential part of your personal performance scale, giving all wearers the ability to take their game to the core.

With the modern athlete needing to withstand a barrage of internal and external conditions, a series of new technologies were incorporated into BLK Sports newest offering.

Exclusive BLK technology is at the forefront of some of our TEK VI designs, a mixture of lightweight, breathable and durable fabrics that refuses to burden the wearer.

Comfort however is not compromised. ‘Peached Fleece’ in other pieces impart a smoothness that allows any athlete to bask in the pure feel of our garments.

Sweat, tears and the wet elements are the defeated enemies of the TEK VI, our calculated blend of polyester and cotton dries with pace, while extraordinary mesh lining allows all wearers to maintain the laser focus that we associate with BLK Sport.


It isn’t just an item - it is intensity, intelligence and the imposition to take YOU to the next level.

The only remaining question is what destination are you going to reach with BLK Sport and TEK VI.


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