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BLK Fiji - Cyclone Winston

Dear Valued Customer

RE Cyclone Winston, 

By now you would have heard of the terrible cyclone that has impacted Fiji. This was the worst cyclone in Fiji recorded history and the devastation to the country and people is immense.

As most of you would also know, Fiji plays a significant part in our manufacturing process and our factory, is based in Lautoka, the worst hit part of Fiji.

I am firstly very grateful and relieved to let you know that none of our team or their families were hurt or killed as a result of this cyclone and whilst there is significant damage to their homes and infrastructure the first priority was to ensure the heath and wellbeing of our team.

Our manufacturing plant did receive some damage but nothing to seriously impact on production. The main concern is that the country has no power. We are working closely with the Fiji authorities to ascertain when power will be restored.  However, in the interim, there will be delays to the completion of certain orders.

It is something we apologise for and I can assure you that the team in Fiji will be going Beyond Limits Known to catch up wherever possible. We will be sending a team to Fiji to assist with the recovery and priority of the orders to ensure this disruption has as little impact as possible.

Our customer service team will be on hand to assist you with any enquiries as will all the team at BLK. I thank you in advance for your understanding and assure you there are teams working 24/7.


Tyron Brant



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