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Romania, Europe’s sleeping giants

Romania are definitely not at RWC2015 to make up the numbers and the team will compete in striking on field garments created especially for the World Cup tournament.

International sports apparel brand BLK has produced garments that not only ensure maximum performance in the toughest conditions, but ranges with strong ties back to Romanian culture and heritage. 

“We are really excited to be continuing our partnership with Romanian Rugby at RWC2015 and look forward to watching as the Oaks continue their progression towards the top tier of international Rugby.”

“The Romanian RWC2015 home and alternate strips are strikingly different with both jerseys featuring designs representing centuries of Romanian artistic culture.”   Mr Brant Said.

BLK hopes to unite fans of their RWC2015 teams through use of their campaign slogan, campaign artwork and hashtag #hopesofanation


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