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Manu Samoa, fearless & determined

International sports apparel brand BLK have today released the first of their RWC2015 on field strips with Manu Samoa set to strike fear into the eyes of their rivals and delight their passionate fans with striking new look home and alternate jerseys which have been created especially for the Rugby World Cup tournament.

BLK CEO Tyron Brant saying the Samoa Rugby strips is the result of a lengthy and delicate design process.

“We are confident followers and supporters of the Samoa Rugby Union will be delighted in the striking new home and away kits which have been produced exclusively for the Samoa Rugby Unions Rugby World Cup Campaign” Mr Brant said.

“We know how passionate and proud Samoans are of their Rugby side and our design teams were challenged to deliver not only garments which allowed for elite performance in the toughest conditions, but also a range that captured the hearts of Samoa Rugby fans around the world through the introduction of stunning motifs and striking colours.”

BLK hopes to unite fans of their RWC2015 teams through use of their campaign slogan, campaign artwork and hashtag #hopesofanation. 


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