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USA, it’s time for the Eagles to soar

It’s been a massive year for Rugby in the United States with the Eagles sevens teams claiming victory  in the London leg of the World Series, followed by last weekends successful Olympic Qualification tournament where both the men’s and women’s teams securing their places in RIO.

There is plenty to be excited about as the USA prepare for RWC2015 with International sporting apparel brand BLK producing on-field ranges for the Eagles that are fiercely patriotic, and designed to ensure maximum comfort and elite performance in the toughest conditions.

BLK CEO Tyron Brant saying the Eagles playing strips reflects the United States rich rugby history through strong and bold colour patterns and traditional designs.

“The Eagles really do carry the hopes of a nation into RWC2015 and they will do it wearing home and alternate strips designed to represent the growing status Rugby is enjoying across the USA, whilst also maintaining a strong focus on producing a garments that will be instantly recognised through strong links back to the stars and stripes of the American Flag”  Mr Brant said.

BLK hopes to unite fans of their RWC2015 teams through use of their campaign slogan, campaign artwork and hashtag #hopesofanation. 


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