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Fiji’s brave warriors primed for RWC2015 assault

International sports apparel brand BLK has today released its Fiji RWC2015 designs with the worlds seven’s kings given a new look as they prepare to take on the best in the fifteen man game.

BLK CEO Tyron Brant saying tradition and culture had been at the fore of the design process for both the home and alternate playing strips.

“Our designers have introduced some amazing, subtle artwork and detail to the traditionally white home jersey while we are confident the fierce, predominantly black alternate strip will be a real hit with the playing group and the Island nation’s passionate supporters.” Mr Brant said.

The BLK team have produced garments that not only ensure maximum performance in the toughest conditions; they have also placed a strong focus on ensuring all Fijians are proudly represented across both RWC strips” 

BLK hopes to unite fans of their RWC2015 teams through use of their campaign slogan, campaign artwork and  hash tag  #hopesofanation


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