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Lions launch Indigenous Guernsey

Ash McGrath will today unveil the Brisbane Lions 2014 Indigenous Round Guernsey.

The guernsey will be worn by the Lions in their Round 11 clash with Carlton at the Gabba.

40 students from the Hymbayumba and The Murri School will join McGrath, who will don the guernsey at the Gabba, unveiling the unique design.

The event guernsey design: ‘Wetland Dreaming – The Journey,’ was created by local Brisbane artist Stephen Hogarth.

Hogarth’s design tells the stories of the many places and people of Australia and the roads and pathways between these places.

The Blue dots on the guernsey represent the areas around the Brisbane River and the CBD. These areas are representative of places where people and families gather and information is passed on.

The boomerang design, also featured on the Guernsey, is a version of the traveling story; about going to different places and learning from each person to pass on the culture.

Hogarth, who designed the Guernsey in consultation with the Brisbane Lions and Major Apparel Partner BLK said:

“This is a great opportunity to work with the Brisbane Lions and to share Indigenous culture with AFL fans.

“The Guernsey design shows that there are no boundaries within sport and that we can work as a team to achieve common goals.”


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