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The Brisbane Lions have to let Jonathan Brown go


Author: Andrew Hamilton

The Brisbane Lions have to let Jonathan Brown go.

But it is just for ten minutes on Thursday night when he runs through the banner for his 250th game, because Brownie is most loyal of Lions, the son who’s proudest achievement was to play for the same club as his old man.

But, for that short moment at the Gabba before bouncedown against the Tigers, the inspirational Lions warhorse belongs to the whole country.

And every footy fan in Australia will celebrate a milestone that is far from extraordinary on the lists of games played in our great game, but sits at the very peak for the incredible manner in which he achieved it.

His football resume requires no dressing-up, a triple premiership star, dual All Australian, Coleman Medalist and the regularly votes as the AFL Players Association’s best captain and most courageous player.

Leigh Matthews reckons he is the bravest to ever lace-up a boot and the fact he has missed 80 matches, mostly due to a horror injury toll and a few, well 16 to be exact, to suspensions since making his debut 249 hard-fought games ago support’s Lethal’s view.

He’s had his face rebuilt three times has endured major hip, back and knee injuries and played a grand final once on one leg. Some poor fella also had to have his car rebuilt after it came off second best in a collision with Brownie on his pushie.

Yet somehow people are uncertain of his status, maybe because he has preferred to play his career away from the AFL spotlight in Brisbane, turning his back on a mega offer from Collingwood, or perhaps because his prime years were savaged by injury.

I’ve watched him as much as anybody and at his best, he was the most important and most imposing player in the comp. He kicked the captain’s goals, routinely took the freakishly brave back-with-the-flight marks that no one else would attempt. And he made his teammates walk taller.

He is the stand-out centre-half forward of his generation.

Not that he cares what the critics think and nor do the fans.

Because Brownie is the people’s champion.

My mate Davo reckons he is Australia’s bloke. He’s is also one of the most Aussie Australians of all time.

His three major sponsors make beer, utes and footy boots and he got another sponsor to install a pie warmer in his man cave, yep, he’s got a man cave.

He’ll be missed when he retires, although he will instantly become the hottest commodity in the media and coaching markets.

Or maybe he’ll just slip away and earn a crust as a voice over man for a beer commercial.

I can hear it now. 

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Brown 250 front Brown 250 side Brown 250 back


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