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BLK Gives Norfolk Island access to the latest Sporting Apparel

This week Norfolk Island had the pleasure of welcoming BLK representatives to the island.

BLK has been providing sports gear to the NIJRL Club for the last couple of years but this is the first time that BLK have come to the Island and it won’t be the last.

Besides bringing NIJRL their new Jerseys, the main reason for the visit was to present Arki Nobbs with his BLK touring kit. Arki will represent Norfolk Island in Tennis at the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas this year. This is the first time an international apparel company has come to Norfolk Island and fully sponsored one of their young athletes.

BLK sponsor many different sporting clubs in Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne Rebels, Western Force, Newcastle Jets and the Silver Ferns just to name a few. BLK has added Norfolk Island to this list.

BLK spent the time on island visiting the many sporting clubs, showing each club what BLK can offer with their latest sportswear.

BLK also met with the Amateur Sports Committee and President, Mal Tarrant where BLK have made the commitment in becoming a sponsor that will help our Norfolk Island sports clubs to send people from the island over to the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in 2018.

While on Island, BLK met with the Photopress International. Photopress International will become the local BLK agent. This partnership will allow Norfolk Islanders access to the latest sporting apparel while keeping the business on island.



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