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BLK Cyclone Debbie Relief Package

BLK today announced a $100,000 assistance package for clubs, schools and sporting organisations in both Queensland and Northern New South Wales who have lost kit and equipment  due to the effects of Cyclone Debbie.

BLK International CEO Tyron Brant said the company  is no stranger to the devastating effects of cyclones having faced similar circumstances 12 months ago when Cyclone Winston made land fall in Fiji. BLK’s primary production facility is located in  Lautoka and whilst undamaged at the time many BLK staff homes were lost as well as the local infrastructure. Cyclone Debbie has already caused widespread damage that will have  impacted some of our clients and the forecast is currently for things to worsen in certain areas before they get better.

 “We understand this is a terrible time for anyone who has been affected by the cyclone and hopefully this assistance package will help clubs and organisations to rebound from their potential loss and resume normal service as soon as possible,” said Brant

“April is a major time in the sporting calendar where clubs across all sports are starting their seasons. We want to assist these clubs where possible to get back playing as soon as  they can; it is our priority to ensure clubs and organisations affected get through this with as little disruptions as possible”

The funds will be allocated on a needs basis based off each set of circumstances; sporting clubs and organisations are encouraged to make contact  at and provide details on how organisations have been affected and how BLK can help. 

Please note that clubs DO NOT have to be an existing customer of BLK and the funds are available to replace non BLK product. Each customer request for assistance will be assessed individually.


BLK’s relief packages can include the following:

- Free replacement of damaged playing and/or training kit

- Free replacement of damaged sporting equipment such as tackle bags, balls and cones

- Shortened manufacture times.

- Discounted additional teamwear and equipment.

- Extended payment terms while insurance claims are processed.

This package is applicable for a maximum period of 2 months from the date of the cyclone and eligibility to access available funds is solely at BLK’s discretion.

Contact can be made at and a BLK representative will make contact with you to discuss the available assistance we can provide.


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