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No More Talk

Difficult times and adversity have truly tested BLK Sport and our customers over the last two months. But you can only know what you can accomplish once you have been truly tested.


BLK Sport has been  purchased by private investors who have seen what the brand has accomplished to date and can see the fantastic opportunities which lay ahead. You have been part of this journey and we are humbled by your ongoing support. Thank you for keeping faith in the brand in the face of adversity.


A full PR release will be out to the media in the very near future which will contain all  details of the sale but for now, we wanted to let you know first, that BLK is back to doing what we do best and that means,


  • BLK is able to supply our custom made and stock ranges that offer the same quality and innovation that BLK are well known for and customers have come to expect.


  • BLK is currently offering a 4 week turnaround for sublimation orders out of our Fiji facility for the remainder of the winter sport season at no extra charge; we also continue to offer competitive turnaround times from our China factories.


  • BLK stock ranges are being replenished so we can supply you with quality garments as and when you need them.


  • BLK’s large and efficient in house embellishment department is ready to supply all embroidery and heat seal needs.


  • BLK’s dedicated on ground sales force as well as in house customer service team will ensure that every customer interaction is handled swiftly and with a level of service second to none.


For now though talk is cheap and we know that trust can only be built on delivering what we say we will do;  we hope you will judge us on the last 15 years not the last 10 months.


We have fallen, we have the scars of lessons learnt and now it is time for us to deliver.




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